Spearmint Energy Founder Supports Solar System Installation in Malawi Community 

Spearmint Energy is delighted to announce our that [our Founder/it] has committed [$ XX] to Innovation: Africa, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that brings Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages. 

Since 2008, Innovation: Africa has delivered access to clean water and light to over 4 million people across 10 African countries. In November 2022, Andrew supported a project installing solar panels at Suludi Primary School, located in Mangochi, Malawi.

Students at Suludi Primary School 

This school provides education to 398 girls and 416 boys during the morning, afternoon, and evening, with some lessons taking place in darkness, guided only by harmful kerosene lamps or candles.

These conditions are unsafe for both students and teachers. The teachers are unable to prepare adequate materials and appropriately execute lessons in the darkness.

As a result of the project, the school and homes of the staff who live on-site are now equipped with solar power, which has significantly improved the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teachers. 

 Spearmint is proud to be a part of creating an environment where the next generation of students can learn safely in a sustainable, supported environment.

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To learn more about this project visit the project Innovation: Africa Website.

The solar panels in construction