Join the revolution.

Spearmint aims to be the preeminent green merchant energy company developing, owning, operating, and trading around Battery Energy Storage, Solar, and Wind to reduce grid volatility, increase system resiliency, and help to reduce Carbon emissions in a responsible and efficient way.


Renewable energy has a known intermittency problem, which produces real-time power and price volatility.

Batteries solve the biggest weaknesses of renewable energy - intermittency and the price volatility it creates.

Spearmint Revolution BESS, located in West Texas ranks among the largest BESS projects in the United States and will help provide greater grid stability for years to come

Spearmint Energy is building a preeminent, differentiated energy storage trading and development firm.

Newly launched, green merchant energy trading company founded to combine innovative financial solutions with deep knowledge of trading and renewable energy development.


The Spearmint Energy Solution

Providing a double impact – a profitable enterprise while adding useful services to the grid.

The efficiency that traders bring to support both supply and logistics helps the overall system run more smoothly, allowing more streamlined delivery and fewer disruptions in service. The same applies to storage.


Battery energy storage improves the reliability, resiliency, and safety of the grid.


Batteries are a clean alternative to peaking generation units, reducing CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulate emissions.


Battery energy storage reduces wasted generation, especially from solar and wind resources.


Efficiently enabling the revolution.

Our goal is to Accelerate the delivery of stable, inexpensive, renewable energy to the power grid.

Spearmint Energy seeks to be the preeminent green merchant energy trading and development firm as it combines stable capital deployment with opportunistic investment and risk management expertise. Utilities, load-serving entities, and renewable developers also contract for storage, but given their lower risk tolerance aren’t as focused on the regions with greatest imbalances. Spearmint is squarely focused on places where it can make the greatest difference in addressing supply intermittency and its counterpart – price volatility.

Spearmint Energy is serious about sustainability.


We build and toll batteries and renewable energy assets to reduce carbon emissions - our core focus.


We are dedicated to treating our employees, vendors, partners, and communities fairly.


Decarbonization efforts are consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement objectives focusing on accomplishing the goal of a NetZero world.


Team of developers, researchers, finance professionals, and traders with a fresh perspective on solving today’s energy crisis and its impact on climate.

We believe we can help solve today’s climate challenge by adding more storage capacity to the grid. A more efficient grid will allow greater amounts of intermittent renewable generation for decades to come.

The time is now.

Spearmint can quickly and efficiently be one of the first to market to toll assets and build a diversified national portfolio of storage and renewable generation. Join us on our mission to make the grid safer, more resilient, and more reliable.